Our Experience

We will happily assist you in the following cases:

  • Corporate Returns
  • Information Returns
  • HST Remittances
  • Dispute Resolution with Canada Revenue Agency
  • US Tax Filing
  • Succession Planning & Estate Freezes
  • Amalgamation/Dissolution of Corporations
  • Reorganization & Loss Utilization
  • Professional Corporations
  • Exit Strategies & Sale of Business Structuring
  • SR&ED Tax Credits
  • T4/T5 Preparation & Filing

Corporate tax

Bensen Professional Corporation

Chartered  Professional Accountants


The bensen industries advantage

Our Corporate Tax program is simple: we work directly with our clients to not only minimize taxes paid today - but also to plan ahead for tomorrow.

We understand that Corporate taxes and future planning can be a confusing subject, but we take the time to explain the process and steps involved.

Did you know?

Canadian Residents have a lifetime $800,000 capital gains exemption for qualified small business corporations. 

If structured correctly, this can save you over $200,000 in tax when it comes time to selling your business, or passing along the future growth of your business to your family.

Contact us today for more information on this, and many other tax-savings opportunities available to small businesses in Canada.